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Abb Pilot Devices

ABB offers a selection of 22mm and 30mm Pilot Devices including pushbuttons, selector switches, lamps, and more. In addition to traditional operators ABB also offers a wide range of special function pilot devices such as emergency stops, definite purpose pushbuttons, potentiometers, reset buttons, modular signal towers and signal beacons.

ABB Pilot Devices
Product Overview:

Modular Range - ABB modular range pilot devices include operators, holders, contact blocks, lamp blocks, LED blocks that can be combined to get the required function. Snap on feature reduces installation time and spring loaded tabs ensure that actuators and legend plates are in correct position.

Compact Range - Compact Range pilot devices from ABB are a very price competitive alternative to the traditional modular series in most applications, with all functions built into one single unit. The "all-in-one" concept makes mounting easy and reduces stock keeping.

Signal Towers - The modular 70 mm Signal Tower system from ABB offers a wide range of optical and audible elements in all common voltages. A bayonet mechanism allows the components to be mechanically and electrically connected within seconds. Up to 5 signaling elements can be combined per station.