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Abb Soft Starters

ABB offers wide ranges of soft starters to cover every customers need for solutions. The complete range of soft starters covers all motor applications from 3 A to 1810 A used in a main voltage between 208 V to 690 V AC.

ABB Soft Starters
Product Overview:

PSR - The compact PSR range of soft starters cover motor currents from 3 to 105A. PSR has a compact design, making it possible to fit more products on a given mounting surface. PSR soft starters install easily - they can either be snapped onto a DIN rail or screw mounted.

PSS - The flexible PSS range of soft starters is intended for motor currents from 18A to 250A inline and up to 515A for inside-the-delta configurations. PSS soft starters are easy to set up and adjust for a wide range of applications. Solid state electrical circuit ensures the highest reliability and reduces the need for maintenance to a minimum, even in applications with frequent starts and stops.

PST - The advanced PST range of soft starters covers motor currents from 30A to 1062A inline and up to 1839A for inside-the-delta configurations. PST soft starters offer advanced integrated protection, a flexible bus communication system, programmable signal relays, torque control, optional bypass contactor, and more. PST soft starters also feature a versatile LCD display, for simplified set-up and operation.