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Eaton Cutler Hammer

Cutler Hammer Contactors & Starters

Eaton Cutler Hammer offers an extensive line of NEMA Contactors and Starters designed to meet a wide array of applications and preferences. In addition, Cutler Hammer also offers a complete range of products designed for IEC applications to meet any OEM's IEC Power Control needs.

Cutler Hammer Contactors and Starters
Product Overview:

A200 NEMA - Cutler Hammer A200 NEMA rated controls are a proven performer in the industry. A wide range is available from NEMA size 00 through NEMA size 9. The A200 Magnetic contactors are used to switch transformers and capacitors and to control electrical power circuits such as heating, lighting and motors that require no overload protection, or where overload protection is separately provided. A200 General Magnetic starters are used for full-voltage, across-the-line starting and stopping of squirrel cage motors. They can be operated locally or remotely by manual or automatic pilot devices.

Freedom NEMA - Freedom Series contactors and starters are available from NEMA Size 00-8 and feature a compact space-saving design, state-of-the-art technology and the latest in high strength, impact and temperature resistant insulating materials. Freedom Series contactors and starters are available in a variety of control system voltages. Freedom NEMA contactors and starters are designed to NEMA standards and are extremely rugged products and built for any application. Their long electrical/mechanical life is extended through easy maintainability.

IT. NEMA - Eaton's Intelligent Technologies (IT.) Electro-Mechanical line of Contactors and Starters is the result of a substantial engineering, manufacturing, and marketing effort involving extensive customer input, combined with new advances in solid-state technology. IT. Electro-Mechanical products have greatly increased functionality, significantly reduced size, and utilize the benefits of 24 V DC control.

XT IEC - With globally rated contactors, starters, overload relays, manual motor protectors and combination motor controllers, XT defines power control. The wide range of applications and suitability for worldwide use call for a variety of operating voltages and ratings as well as reliable AC and DC control options. XT also dramatically reduces mounting and wiring times by allowing standard components to be combined without using tools, quickly and error-free.