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IDEC Operator Interface

IDEC's OI Touchscreen Family is ideally matched to today's sophisticated technology. Using a wide range of graphical options, you can represent specific equipment, make production information immediately apparent and instantly display safety problems. Consolidating controls on an IDEC touchscreen eliminates costly investments in wiring and installation of multiple pushbutton indicators on a traditional control panel.

IDEC SmartTouch screens support either monochrome or 256 colors with high pixel resolution to provide sharp images and excellent visibility. The slim body design adapts to applications where space is limited. IDEC Touchscreens can function as either a stand alone controller or communicate with IDEC PLCs and a wide array of major manufacturers' PLCs. These touchscreens interface with existing equipment to provide graphical presentations of analog data. With up to 8MB of memory and a 200MHz 32-bit RISC CPU, IDEC Touchscreens put control, power and speed at your fingertips.

IDEC Operator Interface
Features Include:
  • Versatile, High Functionality
  • Easy & Intuitive Programming
  • Epandable I/O
  • Basic Data Representation
  • Support for Leading Manufacturer's PLCs
  • Approvals and International Ratings