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IDEC PLCs - Programmable Logic Controllers

IDEC PLCs can be found in various applications from water treatment plants to HVAC to printing press operations and more. They're always dependable, easy to program and almost as smart as you are. IDEC brought some of the first micro PLCs to the market, and has been meeting your changing control automation needs for decades. Now with the MicroSmart Pentra, you get the fastest and most full featured programmable logic controller there is.

Rugged, Compact, Modular Design - Every CPU module comes equipped with embedded I/O points, and you can conveniently add snap-on expansion modules for up to 512 I/Os based on your system requirements. All MicroSmart controllers are DIN-rail or panel mountable.

Write & Run Your Programs Now - Programming the MicroSmart is fast and straightforward. Use IDEC's WindLDR software to configure, modify and monitor your MicroSmart programs with ease. This powerful and intuitive software makes it simple to get your system up and running.

Upgrade Without Downtime - For added convenience, the same expansion I/O modules and accessories can be used on both the MicroSmart and MicroSmart Pentra controllers.

Features Include:
  • Available in 10, 16, 20, 24, and 40 I/O CPUs.
  • PID Controls
  • High Speed I/O
  • Built-in High speed outputs
  • Configure up to 264 I/O Points
  • Data link up to 32 MicroSmart and Pentra CPUs
  • Worldwide Approvals