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MTE 3rd Harmonic Filters

Single Phase
120 & 240 Volts AC
50 & 60 Hz Versions
3rd Harmonic Filter

3rd Harmonic Filters by MTE Corporation will substantially reduce harmonic currents caused by:

  • Personal Computers
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Lighting Dimmer Controls
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • 1-Phase Motor Drives/Inverters
Use 3rd Harmonic Filters to:
  • Reduce Neutral Currents
  • Reduce Transformer Loading
  • Protect Electrical Systems
  • Reduce Fire Hazard
  • Improve Power Factor

HARMONIC REDUCTION - The 3rd Harmonic Filter reduces each of the individual harmonics from 3rd through 9th. Typical reduction of the 3rd harmonic is often as much as 80%-90%. Triplen harmonics, which add together in the neutral conductor, are minimized with this filter.

REDUCE SYSTEM RE-WIRING COSTS - The presence of triplen harmonics may require that you increase the neutral conductor size on your electrical system or to replace standard transformers with K-factor rated transformers. The use of our 3rd Harmonic Filter may allow you to save these costs because the triplen harmonic can be reduced significantly.

PACKAGING OPTIONS - The 3rd Harmonic Filter is available as an open chassis type Hard Wire version. Use the Hard Wire version for industrial panel wiring applications where the load is directly wired to the filter.


  • Reduce Triplen Harmonics
  • Reduce Neutral Current
  • Minimize Dangerous Third Harmonics