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MTE Matrix Filters

MTE Matrix Filters solve the problem of harmonic distortion on virtually any two or six pulse rectifier. These power supplies are commonly found in electronic equipment such as adjustable speed motor drives, welders, battery chargers, servo drives and other equipment. MTE provides solutions for both three phase and single phase harmonic applications. MTE Matrix products have evolved from the original Series A to the refined patented new MTE Series D Filter. New single phase matrix filters have been added to provide higher levels of single phase third harmonic mitigation. Please see the colored brochures featuring these products.

Harmonics are a problem - Harmonic distortion has become an increasing concern for facility managers, users of automation equipment and specifying engineers alike. Harmonics not only waste energy, but they reduce equipment life, electrical system reliability, system efficiency and equipment productivity.

Guaranteed results - Unlike other harmonic filter technologies, the performance of MTE Matrix Harmonic Filters is guaranteed! On AC variable frequency, variable torque drive applications (fans & pumps), Matrix filters will meet the guaranteed maximum levels of THID (total harmonic current distortion) all the way from no load to full load. Additionally, Matrix filters will not cause power system resonance nor attract harmonics from other non-linear loads. No system analysis is required to select and apply Matrix Filters.

Typical Applications Include:
  • Mission critical facilities
  • AC variable frequency drives
  • DC adjustable speed drives
  • Electronic welders
  • Battery chargers
  • Fans and Pumps
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Induction heating equipment
  • Elevator drives
  • 3-phase power supplies
  • Any 6-pulse rectifier
Matrix Filters

Convert 6-pulse Drives to Multi-pulse Harmonic Performance - Matrix filters allow users to achieve attenuation of harmonics to levels below that previously attainable only by using 12-pulse or 18-pulse rectification methods. Use standard 6-pulse drives and our MD & M5 series matrix Filters in place of 18-pulse rectifiers and use the M8 Series in lieu of 12-pulse rectifiers.