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Pilz Safety Relays

In 1987 Pilz developed the first emergency stop relay to protect man and machine. Over time, the technology has continually been developed for numerous applications. The name PNOZ is now synonymous with safety relays. Original PNOZ safety relays are the most widely used safety relays in the world.

Use PNOZ safety relays to monitor the safety functions on your plant or machine. Thanks to the large selection of safety relays, you're bound to find the right safety relay for each specific application.

PILZ Safety Relays
Product Overview:

Compact Safety Relays:

  • PNOZ X Safety Relays - Electromechanical, volt-free, AC/DC versions
  • PNOZsigma Safety Relays - Multifunctionality compressed into narrow housing widths
  • PNOZelog Safety Relays - Easy to link, non-wearing, expanded diagnostics

Modular Safety Relays:

  • PNOZmulti Safety Relays - Freely configurable, multifunctional, modular
  • PNOZpower Safety Relays - High loads from 8-16 A, ability to switch motor loads directly, modular