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Pilz Sensors

In automation technology, the information required for process management is obtained via sensors. Safety sensors provide effective personal security and industrial safety in automated production and logistics processes.

Strict safety regulations now require health and safety measures to be safe from manipulation and defeat. This makes modern safety sensors absolutely indispensable. PILZ PSEN sensors protect man and machine in compliance with the standards.

PILZ Sensors
Product Overview:

Safety Switches - Safety switches PSENmech, PSENmag and PSENcode are suitable for monitoring gates in safety fences around safety zones as well as position monitoring.

Safe Hinge Switches - Safe hinge switches PSENhinge offer a safe, complete solution for hinged safeguards, comprising a hinge and a safety switch.

Safety Bolts - In areas where safety gates are opened and closed frequently or where safety gates are difficult to adjust, safety bolts PSENbolt provide a robust, complete solution comprising safety switch, handle and bolt.

Safety Gate Systems - PSENslock and PSENsgate include all the safety functions needed to monitor safety gates in the smallest possible space. Safe position monitoring, guard locking and monitoring for broken bolts/handles are all contained in one system.

Safety Light Beam Devices - Use PSENopt light beam devices, light curtains and light grids to safeguard danger zones, where the production process requires active intervention. PSENopt provides finger, hand and body protection in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1/-2.