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Pilz Safety Switches

PILZ safety switches are suitable for applications in classic mechanical engineering as well as sectors with rigorous hygiene requirements, such as the food, packaging or pharmaceutical industry.

According to the standard EN 1088, hazardous machine movements must be stopped when a guard is opened and a restart must be prevented. It must not be possible to either defeat (VDE 060) or manipulate (EN 1088) these guards. Certain applications also require the safety gate to be interlocked until the hazardous production process is complete. PILZ PSEN safety switches meet these requirements effectively and economically.

PILZ Safety Switches
Product Overview:

PSENmech Mechanical Safety Switches - Suitable for applications in which the safety gate should not be opened unintentionally. Economical and reliable, they use increased extraction force on the actuator to ensure that a safety gate cannot be opened unintentionally, as well as ensure that the safety gate is interlocked until the hazardous production process is complete.

PSENmag Non-contact Magnetic Safety Switches - Can be used when the risk analysis specifies a high category, where there is heavy soiling or where strict hygiene regulations need to be met. PSENmag switches are insensitive to spring-back or swinging from safety gates.

PSENcode Non-contact, Coded Safety Switches - The highest level of protection against manipulation can be achieved using PSENcode non-contact, coded safety switches. The enable from the safety device is only triggered if the actuating element is within the switch's response range and the code number on the actuator matches that of the switch.

PSENbolt Safety Bolts - In areas where safety gates are opened and closed frequently or where safety gates are difficult to adjust, safety bolts PSENbolt provide a robust, complete solution comprising safety switch, handle and bolt.